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  • More parental involvement
  • Renew civics & vocational programs
  • Make education local
  • Tax refund/exemption for families that home-school or private-school

  • Relax regulations for start-ups
  • Less welfare, more start-up funding
  • Encourage & reward entrepreneurship
  • Incentivize those who hire Americans
  • Prosecute those who hire illegals

  • Full audit of the Federal Reserve
  • Return to sound money policies
  • Reform the IRS
  • Abolish the Federal income tax & death tax
  • Implement a "Consumption Tax"

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  • 2nd Amendment is to protect ourselves against tyranny & oppression
  • Repeal all gun control laws for law abiding citizens

  • Freedom cannot be sub-divided
  • Gov’t should stay out of our bedrooms
  • Protect life & no tax dollars for abortions
  • Protect all individual privacy
  • Preserve a tax free internet
  • Defend private property rights
  • Repeal Obamacare

  • Incarceration rates have sky-rocketed since the War On Drugs began in 1971
  • Same time for same crime
  • No more jail time for victimless crimes
  • Legalize hemp 
  • Allow States to regulate the sale and use of marijuana within their borders

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  • 900 military bases in 150 countries is not the answer...that is an empire
  • Bring our troops home immediately
  • Giving up liberty for safety never works
  • Non-intervention, as advocated by our founders, rather than being the world’s policeman
  • Stop borrowing and printing money to fight unjust wars
  • Stop sending tax payer money as "foreign  aid" to sovereign nations
  • Reduce the National Debt and create policy to strengthen the economy. Out of control spending and a weak economy is a threat to our National Security.
  • No service member should come home damaged and fight for treatment , sometimes for years
  • No service member should be homeless
  • Computerize VA  records
  • Make info inter-departmentally available electronically
  • Hire civilian doctors to evaluate the urgency of care thus removing the adversarial review board that routinely denies care after service benefits
  • Give veterans priority in transitional services

  • No Amnesty - Get in Line
  • Secure the border
  • Enforce existing immigration law
  • End all government subsidies for illegals (Housing, food stamps, access to free public education, legal aid)
  • Prosecute employers who hire illegals
  • Streamline immigration process and prioritize entry for those who follow the process for lawful entry



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